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Black Men & Prostate Cancer

From Disparity to Discovery

For many Black men, prostate cancer was written into their genes. but so are instructions to discover more about how to treat it and their own family’s risk of the disease.

In the Fight Against Prostate Cancer, Too Many Black Men are Losing.

Black men are disproportionately affected by prostate cancer. Compared with White men, Black men are 76% more likely to get prostate cancer and more than 2x as likely to die from it. This disparity has existed for well over 60 years.

Research Can Help

One of the reasons this disparity persists, is that Black men are underrepresented in research and clinical trials. So, they’re fighting prostate cancer at a disadvantage.

An important focus for prostate cancer research is the role of genes. Understanding the genes of prostate cancer patients is the next step in the fight against prostate cancer. It’s critical that Black men are represented in this research.


It Takes A Community of People

Understanding their genetic information can help Black men and their families start winning the fight against prostate cancer. Yet, according to a recent survey, despite being well informed of the potential benefits of knowing their genetic information, more than 1 in 3 Black men surveyed say they are either uncertain or unwilling to share their genetic information with researchers or doctors.

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Help Move From Disparity To Discovery Join PROMISE

It takes more Black men participating in research like the PROMISE study to help move from disparity to discovery. Join doctors, researchers, and patients nationwide in the fight against prostate cancer.

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